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Jacqueline Nym

Here is a reading of Graveyard Lottery, as performed by Jacqueline Nym. I must mention an interesting side note before I continue with my little speech. When I wrote Graveyard Lottery, I imagined the narrator as being not necessarily male, and not necessarily female. As the story gained some popularity and was voiced by male actors, I thought I had doomed my character to be one-sided.

When Nym sought out my permission, she told me that she had a unique take on the story. She definitely wasn't lying. I never imagined the character as a female from the deep south, but by gosh and by golly did it turn out well. The voice certainly fits the character and all the tonal inflections are spot-on.

I also have to appreciate how much soul she put into the reading, and you, the listener, will certainly be able to hear it. 


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