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[Update]-Multiple Things Are In The Works

Hello again readers,

I am pleased to announce that I currently have not one, not two, but three new stories in the works. As I've hinted before, I have a rather large one that I'm currently editing titled Just Like Before. Well, actually, I've gone through it four times now and it's been burning a hole in a my mind. Believe me when I tell you that it gets incredibly boring to read 20,000 words over and over again. But rest assured it will be coming eventually. I just have to step away from it for a little while.

There will be a dark drama coming soon, one that involves money, loss, and shady dealings. The title for that will be Graveyard Lottery. I'll let you all ponder what it will be about.

And the last will be a highly descriptive story that I just wrote the rough draft for today. I'm still not sure about it; as it may be too avant garde for some folks. I will say this though, imagine if the story North of Mesabi and She Called Me Daddy got together one night, had a few drinks, and engaged in provocative activities, this would be the bastard child they birthed.

Until then, happy reading.

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