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Update of Things To Come

As we know, October is upon us. A few of you may be asking what I will post this month and all I can say is good things are coming.

I plan to release two stories this month, possibly three. The first story will be a rather long dark humor piece that I think you will all find entertaining. Currently, the rough draft is being hammered out and it appears it will stretch out to around 10,000 words.

The second is a traditional horror story. Currently the rough draft has been completed at 5,000 words and I'm in the long process of editing it.

I'm debating whether or not I should release works from some of the different genres I write in. Of course this blog is horror themed, so I'm not entirely sure if you the audience would like to see anything else but horror.

I would like to thank you all for your patience. If it is not evident by now, I do not release a lot of material. I could release more, but I have some extremely high personal standards. Matter of fact, I probably write 10 or 15 stories before I'm satisfied with one. I understand that it takes a serious time commitment to sit down and read a story, which is why I am only focused on delivering the best to you.

G. Preeb

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